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Aug. 22nd, 2011

I go back to work on Wednesday... it's probably time to pretend I've been doing something other than mainlining fanfiction and catching up on my knitting for the last four weeks.

On the agenda as of this morning:

* meet up with one of my friends to drop off/pick up stuff
* mail three more letters
* go to the beach
* one more follow-up appointment
* wash the sheets
* re-organize the stash
* spend quality time on to make plans for Doug's new room
* clean out file drawers and get ready to shred some stuff
* fix whatever's wrong with the Volna scarf and get it memorized, to prepare for my commute
* cook gumbo, so I'll have leftovers for the week
* figure out what's dripping in the furnace room
* blog insightfully

What I'm actually likely to do over the next couple days:

* eat existing leftovers (birthday cake?)
* avoid my work email
* watch Good Eats
* nap

It's a life, I guess.

Aug. 16th, 2011

Is there anybody who's still on here who's also on Dreamwidth? I'm about to make the jump.

make way for ducklings

Tonight at 7:45 pm at the corner of North Ave and Wells St, three men stopped car traffic in all directions to let two Canadian geese and a dozen goslings cross the street. All the nightclubbers and the commuters stopped, in various states of patience, as the clan waddled somewhat diagonally across the crosswalk, eastbound towards the lake. One of the motorists honked. One of the geese honked. And then the light turned red and everyone sat through another turn at the intersection as the geese and their guardian angels waddled away.


I have a blue necklace with glass beads that my dad bought for me and Bonzo as a "nursing" necklace... it's really sturdy and designed for babies to tug on. He used to play with it before he could sit up on his own. Tonight he took it off my neck, unclasped it, put it on his own neck, and clasped it up again. He's just like a grown up.

Oct. 26th, 2010

So tonight, after days and days of nibbling daintily at his food, Bonzo decides to chow down on barley, squash, and black bean soup. He loves dumping the barley (which is actually a casserole) into the soup, and took two refills on the black bean soup. My favorite part was when he asked me--politely! every time!--for more raisins, and at one point invited them into his soup. "C'mon in!" he said. Awwww.

In the absence of any other cool present, we gave him a tiny spoonful of caramel for a "treat" tonight after holding up his end of the potty agreement. NOTE TO SELF: do not give sugar/corn syrup/butter/cream mixture to preschooler. He went from zero to manic in about thirty-five seconds, and then couldn't stop giggling long enough to put on his pj's or read a story or go to sleep. When I left him, he was singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to himself in bed. "Call me Little Star, Mommy! Say, good night, Little Star!"

I really love his songs lately. I love his little off-key preschooler voice, and the way he hums and whispers to himself while he's playing alone. I wish I could get inside his head, sometimes. Other times, I wish he'd take his fractious little self and sober up enough to have a full two minutes of listening. It all depends on the day.

real life

I miss that time when only geeks were writing about their personal life on the internet, and we could all hide behind this scrim of semi-anonymity. Now that we have the entire continuum of LinkedIn-Facebook-Twitter-Blogger-LJ-MySpace running, no one knows where home base is and there's too much threat involved in posting any personal details.

Or possibly I only feel this way because I've now watched so many foolish people post so many foolish things in public. Confidential to everybody: if you have partied so hard over the weekend that you're planning on calling in sick on Monday, you should NOT post those plans to Facebook. It's also really helpful if you check your PTO balance first, rather than risking disciplinary action/having to call me in the morning.

I was reading over the blog's early days and getting all wistful this morning. I miss those days. I also went to church today and heard Brian's message about "Would Jesus be on Facebook?" and thus the internet has been on my mind all day long. (Best moment of the church: my friend who is volunteering in the RE classrooms this month could not be there in person for the sermon, so she read it on her iPhone while the kids were on the playground. Case in point.)

Anyway, I had a great weekend playing/cleaning/knitting/not talking to people, and I'm thrilled to have my boys back. I made caramel tonight, and I found three almost-finished knitting projects that are going back into rotation. I love my friends. That is all.


This weekend we headed to Decatur to see how things had changed and how they stayed the same. We caught a football game, taught Bonzo how to tackle, played with tiny fans that flashed messages. We broke in a giant attic playroom, made some coffee cake, went to a railway museum, climbed on a steam engine or two, rode in the top of a caboose, ate ice cream, managed to buy a week's worth of clothes for Bonzo at a consignment shop for the cash I had in my wallet.

Awesome weekend.

Sep. 19th, 2010

Lately I've been bemoaning the fact that I never write public posts anymore. It's time to work on that.

We went out to the Brookfield Zoo today with some friends of ours for Lambda Legal's "Day Out at the Zoo". We had never been there before, and hoped to see an elephant or two. As it turned out, the elephant was closed for cleaning (I believe it was actually in training or taking a bath or something) but we did see rhinos, goats, geese, raccoons, stingrays, and a tiny horse. Bonzo was worried about the horse and wanted to know where its mother was. Brookfield seems to be an older zoo, and parts of it were showing its age. But the organization really knew how to do an employee recognition event... we got a parking pass, a ride on the carousel, free admission to all the "extras" like the stingrays and the family zoo and the children's zoo (not the same thing, surprisingly) and so forth. I believe the only thing we paid for was the goat feed. All the employees seemed to be enjoying each other's company. I should really take notes.

And, this afternoon I finally got nail polish remover. Life is good.

Why nail polish is evil

All the preschoolers are going to the pet shop, going right away. What does Thomas want? A cat. What does Regan want? A hamster. What does Doug want? A squid.

That's right, folks, giant squid.

Back to how to wreck your evening using nail polish:
1) Morning: Paint toenails in order to wear sandals (ill-advised after Labor Day anyway)
2) Morning: Paint preschooler's toes in order to convince him to get off the potty.
3) Evening: Decide that your fingernails should be painted the same color as toes. Paint fingers with two coats of purple nail polish during kid's bath.
4) Decide to touch up a toe and spill polish all over bath mat, tub, and marble floor.
5) Write off bath mat. Clean floor with toilet paper, then acetone, and then water. Extract kid from tub.
6) Kid spills water over entire floor. Clean up water.
7) Examine grody and matted nails, shake out the last drops of nail polish reomover and hope it will remove all 10 nails' worth.
8) On nail #4, flick nail polish remover into eye and spend 10 minutes flushing with water.
9) Snap at kid when he asks to have remaining toes painted purple.

So here's the question: stop before work and buy more nail polish remover, or try to repaint fingernails and pretend the whole thing never happened?


about the elephant

bonzo waves
(a night time conversation between Daddy and Bonzo)

I have an elephant. My elephant's gonna keep growing bigger and he's going to grow up and be a big elephant, bigger than me.

(Daddy: Bigger than me?)

Yeah. He's going to be bigger than you, and we'll use him every day, and he's going to be real.

And every night I ask my elephant if he wants a blanket, and he always wants a blanket. (Pats the blanket.) Don't touch my elephant.



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